20 Steps Forward, not 20 Steps Backwards

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Pamela D. Rocker, Presidential Candidate (D)

A New Kind of Presidential Candidate

Pamela Rocker

One Human Race 2020 is the campaign organization of Pamela Rocker, a presidential candidate in the United States in 2020. This is where Pamela and the campaign will organize our supporters leading up to Election Day 2020 and beyond. Her goal is to excite the population and to change the face of the United States for a better future. Together with supporters, she hopes to legalize marijuana across the country, push a free car initiative to ensure that all Americans have a vehicle to get to and from work, and to create new jobs while fighting hard for the middle class. Of course, we'll also be fighting hard tor LGBTQ rights and to stop transgender hate crimes while helping to give a voice to these men and women and working to build legitimate equality.

Pamela Rocker saw a need to get out and make a fundamental change in the world, instead of continuing to sit on the sidelines. Her goal is to gather people together and get them moving forward, and it all started with a simple comment on Facebook about how upset she was with the current leadership. She made it her goal to become not only the first female president but the first transgender President. She's since visited 40 states as a Democratic candidate. She wants everyone to know that, win or lose, she's here for the long haul. More importantly, you can run for office, too, and together we can make the changes this country needs. Join Pamela Rocker, presidential candidate, and One Human Race 2020 in this upcoming election. Together, we can change the world!

“So that the Generation after US can be Prosperous in the days ahead of US”
Pam Rocker

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