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Pamela and Victor At a Playground

About Pamela Rocker

Born in public housing, Pamela D. Rocker is a Transgender American from Cincinnati, Ohio. Her parents gave up custody to the state of Ohio, and at the age of 7 she was raised in the foster care system. She lived in 10 different foster homes and attended 11 different schools in the Cincinnati area until she was emancipated at the age of 18.

Pamela graduated from Robert A. Taft High School in 2001 and she worked different odd jobs until she landed a job at Lerner, Sampson, & Rothfuss law firm, where she was promoted numerous times. She relocated to Los Angeles, California, and enrolled at the United States Department of Labor at JobCorps and obtained a degree in Office Administration. While living in California, she landed a movie soundtrack deal as a recording artist with a rap song titled "Eat Sushi" on a series turned movie spin-off of "Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom" about the LGBTQ lifestyle of African Americans.

Through her short but successful music career, Pamela Rocker toured and visited 44 states. She has proven that despite being transgender, her hard work has helped her beat the odds in any situation. Today, Pamela Rocker is a wife to Victor Rocker, who took her last name in 2015. Together, they vow to become America's First Couple in 2020.

Pam Rocker from Pam Rocker on Vimeo.

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