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One Human Race 2020 is here to help usher in a new age of prosperity and help for the American people. Our 2020 Agenda is designed to ensure that more people can achieve the American Dream. Read on to learn more about Pamela Rocker's 2020 plan.

Pamela Rocker With the Presidential Seal

The 2020 Plan

  • Freedom Car - Pamela will work with the US Census Bureau to ensure that the Head of Household in each home has access to a quality vehicle through the free Freedom Car program.
  • Legalize Marijuana - Pamela will work to end the Federal ban on marijuana and monetize it to uplift the national economy and pay off the national debt.
  • Jobs Programs - Pamela aims to reinvigorate the American Middle Class by bringing back Smart American Industry and ensuring prosperity.
  • Reparations - African Americans deserve to be given a helping hand to recover from the slavery of their ancestors.
  • LGBTQ Rights - Pamela will work to craft an inclusive policy for LGBTQ people, including restroom policy, health care, and job discrimination.
  • Health Care - Pamela will work to protect and strength the Affordable Care Act and President Obama's legacy.
  • Immigration Reform - Pamela will work to secure the border via updated security policy - not walls.
  • Green Energy - Pamela will work to bring renewable energy to the forefront of America's energy plan, including a recycling mandate.

Rebuilding America

Pamela Rocker and One Human Race 2020 is fighting to bring people together. We want every house to have access to a free car, which will help create more access to jobs while also creating new jobs in vehicle manufacturing. This will be especially helpful in Detroit, where many large manufacturers are going out of business. She'll also work to lift the Federal ban on marijuana, which will create additional funding through taxes on legal marijuana sales which will help fund the manufacture of vehicles while lowering the national debt. This is expected to create approximately $23 billion more per year in funding.

Public Speaking

In addition to her activism and political aspirations, Pamela Rocker does keynote speaking at public events. She speaks on human rights, equality for all, and LGBTQ rights. She also does motivational speaking. Contact the campaign for more information. 

Pamela With a Graduate

Investing In Our Future

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