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Political Donations & Volunteers

Victory in this fight is going to take a lot of money and a lot of help. At One Human Race 2020, we hope to bring our country together and heal the divide, and we can't do it without your political donations and droves of volunteers.

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Monetary donations will help support the campaign, and they'll be used to support the campaign through advertising, flyers, postcards, banners, and t-shirts. Funding will also be used to maintain volunteers and campaign staff throughout the campaign. Donations can be made through the website. They are not tax deductible. We will not accept corporate or business donations.

Political Volunteers

If you're looking to volunteer and help us fight the good fight, just contact us. There are no qualifications necessary — we just need dedicated and committed volunteers who want to help. Useful skills include an ability to engage with the public and reach out to the people. There are no time commitments required.


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